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Complete Review of Irvingia Gabonensis

What is Irvingia Gabonensis?

Considered the new cutting edge weight loss ingredient on the market, Irvingia Gabonensis is latin for what is commonly referred to as African Mango. The extracts from the Irvingia Gabonensis seed is a soulable fiber that has been shown in double blind randomized studies to be an effective weight loss agent. In fact, Irvingia Gabonensis is fast becoming one of the most popular weight loss ingredients in the supplement industry.

Irvingia Gabonensis is a tree found in West and Central Africa also known by the natives as the wild mango or bush mango. The tree is valued for its dika nuts in addition to producing a yellow edible fruit. Irvingia is high in fat, similar to other nuts and seeds, and contain an extraordinary fiber content(14%)! Irvingia has been prized for its healing properties and now has become one of the most exciting discoveries in the weight loss industry!

The History of Irvingia Gabonensis

Irvingia Gabonensis has played an important role in the nutrition, economy and traditional medicine in western and southwestern tropical Africa from Nigeria to Angola. Through the help of the United Nations, a number of scientists have been made available to enhance the production and commercial use of Irvingia.

Irvingia's benefits helped keep the Benin Army fit through several wars during the early 1800s according to reports from Nigeria. The first official studies conducted on Irvingia's benefits as a weight loss aid were not completed until just a few years ago after researchers and scientists started realizing the possible benefits of this African tree. Since then, numerous studies have shown Irvingia to aid in weight loss, improve total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and blood glucose levels.

Benefits of Irvingia Gabonensis

Various studies have confirmed the benefits of Irvingia Gabonensis. Early indications show Irvingia Gabonensis can produce significant weight loss with clinical results showing 28.1 pounds of weight loss (vs. the 1.5 lbs lost in the placebo group). Interesting, Irivingia users showed body fat decrease by 6.3%. Researchers point to Irvingia's ability to produce these amazing weight loss results from the favorable changes PPAR gamma, leptin, adiponectin or glycerol-3 phosphate dehydrogenase. The soluble fiber found in the Irvingia seed also works as a bulk-forming laxative which also works to suppress appetites.

Irvingia has been shown to delay stomach emptying, which leads to greater absorption of dietary sugars. In this way, Irvingia reduces blood sugar levels after a meal. Irvingia contains cholesterol improving properties with improvements in total and LDL cholesterol. Test groups showed 27% drop in cholesterol levels (vs. the 4.8% from the placebo group). By binding to bile acids, Researchers feel Irvingia carries cholesterol from the body and helps lower cholesterol levels and other blood lipids.

Dr. Oz Recommends Irvingia Gabonensis

Results of Studies conducted on Irvingia Gabonensis

10 Week Double Blind Placebo Control Study Conducted on 120 Subjects

In this 10-week, double blind, placebo controlled study 120 individuals were divided into two groups; a placebo group and an Irvingia Gabonensis group, which received 150 mg of Irvingia Gabonensis extract twice daily.

Individuals in the Irvingia Gabonensis group averaged 28.1 lbs in weight loss compared to just 1.5 lbs in the placebo group. In the Irvingia Gabonensis group, body fat was lowered by 6.3% compared to 1.9% in the placebo group. Total and LDL cholesterol levels dropped dramatically more in the Irvingia group (27%) than the placebo group (4.8%)

A Novel Seed Extract of the West African plant Irvingia Gabonensis, Significantly Reduces Body Weight and Improves Metabolic Parameters in Overweight Humans in a Randomized Double-Blind Placebo Controlled Investigation

Single Month Study Conducted on Benefits of Irvingia

As one of the initial Irvingia Gabonensis studies, this study was conducted as a double blind, randomized study on 40 individuals with a mean age of 42.4 years. While 28 of the individuals received Irvingia Gabonensis, 1.05 g three times a day for one month, the other 12 were on placebo and the same schedule. During the month-long study period all individuals were on a norm-caloric diet and evaluated every week by a dietetic record book.

After the month was over, the mean body weight of the Irvingia group was dropped by an average of 11.7 lbs and that of the placebo group by 2.9 lbs. The obese patients taking Irvingia Gabonensis as part of the study also had a significant decrease of total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, triglycerides, and an increase of HDL-cholesterol. On the other hand, the placebo group did not show significant changes in blood lipid components.

The Use of a Cissus Quadrangularis/Irvingia Gabonensis Combination in the Management of Weight Loss: a Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Study


While Irvingia is considered the cutting edge technology in the weight loss industry, Irvingia is quickly becoming one of the hottest weight loss ingredient on the market. Current studies indicate Irvingia is completely safe and extremely beneficial to produce real weight loss results. The best part is that studies have also indicated Irvingia can be beneficial for overall health by lowering and balancing cholesterol levels and helping maintain blood sugar levels. By all indications, Irvingia should be considered the breakthrough weight loss ingredient on the market that can safely and effectively produce significant weight loss results.


How Can I Obtain Irvingia Gabonensis?

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